+ There are times.. +

“There are times, however, and this is one of them, when even being right feels wrong. What do you say, for instance, about a generation that has been taught that rain is poison and sex is death? If making love might be fatal and if a cool spring breeze on any summer afternoon can turn a crystal blue lake into a puddle of black poison right in front of your eyes, there is not much left except TV and relentless masturbation. It’s a strange world. Some people get rich and others eat shit and die.”

Generation of Swine: Tales of Shame and Degradation in the ’80′s

+Hunter S. Thompson/photography+

Hunter S. Thompson shot many targets in his life.
Not always using his typewriter or a rifle..now and then
he did use a camera.Seriously.
I think this is my favourite.
So I share it to inspire my beloved followers..and
all the others,who dont know what I’m talking about,
but need to agree that I am cool because I just posted a
photograph with a dog and a naked woman.
Wicked and wild.
Have a great sunday.