Shinjū (心中, the characters for “mind” and “centre”) means “double suicide” in Japanese, as in Shinjū Ten no Amijima (The Love Suicides at Amijima), written by the seventeenth-century tragedist Chikamatsu Monzaemon for the puppet theatre (bunraku and/or joruri theatre). In common parlance shinjū is used to refer to any group suicide of persons bound by love, typically lovers, parents and children, and even whole families. In Japanese theatre and literary tradition, double suicides are the simultaneous suicides of two lovers whose ninjo, “personal feelings”, or love for one another are at odds with giri, “social conventions” or familial obligations. Double suicides were rather common in Japan throughout history and double suicide is an important theme of the puppet theatre repertory. The tragic denouement is usually known from the audience and is preceded by a michiyuki, a small poetical journey, where lovers evoke the happier moments of their lives and their attempts at loving each other.
Lovers committing double suicide believed that they would be united again in heaven, a view supported by feudal teaching in Edo period Japan, which taught that the bond between husband and wife is continued into the next world,and by the teaching of Pure Land Buddhism wherein it is believed that through double suicide, one can approach rebirth in the Pure Land.


kotodama sada bondage h3art COMP

Manabu Hiramoto & Bert Janssens are Kotodama & SADA.
They both are respected avantgarde underground musicians with releases & collaboration projects worldwide within the avantgarde dark ambient industrial experimental region.
The Kotodama studio is located in the beautiful town Toyama,Japan,a very rural place in beautiful nature while SADA is living and working in Antwerp,Belgium.Starting in the 1990s, Antwerp re-branded itself as a world-class fashion centre. Emphasising the avant-garde, it tried to compete with London, Milan, New York and Paris.It failed.
Nowadays they promote sports here,ironically enough it is situated next to a toxic river (world harbour) and dealing with a high grade of air pollution.(Jeru would say ”Jogging around here is more fatal than second hand smoke..”)
Pollution is the introduction of contaminants into the natural environment that cause adverse change.

Individually they also brought us the projects Jigoku Nohara,Shinkiro & Shinju Park and for the past months they have been working on a collaboration album.

A unique sound that brings us the best from both artists:dark,surreal,captivating,haunting and inspiring are words that might give you an idea of the sounds they both have been creating for this project but it all gets so much more clear with a promotional track called ”Bondage H3art”.
The full album will be completed in the next weeks.
Don’t miss it !!
Pictures of Toyama & Shinkiro sea by Manabu Hiramoto.
Artwork by Bert Janssens/SYST3MKAOS.