While the stars danced above..

No more smiles no more tears
No more prayers no more fears
Nothing left, why go on
When your lover is gone
When the time came to part
And he kissed me goodbye
From the depths of my heart came a great lonely cry
“Heaven have mercy”
“Heaven have mercy”
Once again they carved his name upon a cross

Shout with one, ring the bells
Through the towns and the farms
Will the shouts and the bells
Bringing him back to my arms
Must each man go to war ever more ever more
While some lone woman stands empty heart empty hands

I remember the dance where we first fell in love
How we whurled around and around
While the stars danced above
Now its done why be brave?
Why should I live like this?
Shall I wait by the grave for my lost lovers kiss?
Stop the bell, stop the bell!
I have no tears left to cry
Must I stay here in hell?
Lord above let me die
“Heaven have mercy”
“Heaven have mercy”
“Heaven have mercy”

Diamanda Galàs ”Heaven,Have Mercy”
Guilty Guilty Guilty

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